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Andrea - Soledad (official video) 4k NEW

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Andrea - Soledad (new music 2020) Submit your music: http://jhaps.com/submit ❌ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBE-JHapsRec ► International Booking: +40741067203 - Ionut Bejinariu (Manager)(contact@jhaps.com) ► Licensing: contact@jhaps.com #JHapsRecords Song produced in JHaps Records studios. Video directed by #Andrea #Subscribe #Andrea https://www.facebook.com/OfficialPageAndrea/ https://www.instagram.com/andreabulgaria/ She has been known in the Balkan area for over 10 years, her songs played everywhere, most of them being made by Costi Ionita along with other international producers. She also collaborated with Shaggy, Serdar Ortaq (same as Otilia), Bob Sinclair, Edward Maya and Azis. Some of her successful songs were "Samo Moi", "Come en opa". She has received over 30...
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