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Lover // Cover By: Kyla Manla

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‼️TURN ON CAPTIONS TO SEE LYRICS‼️ ????I apologise for my voice, i’ve been sick for days and I forced myself to film. I tried so hard for it not to be obvious. I hope you guys would still appreciate it???? ????A few would notice some things and if you are those few people, you would know how special this day is for me???? ????Song By: Taylor Swift???? ????Instrumental: https://youtu.be/sDkZLuRGU14 Follow me on my social media accounts: ????Twitter: https://twitter.com/kylamanla ????Instagram: https://instagram.com/jane_manla ✨Like my videos, leave a comment, subscribe to my channel, and click the bell for you to be notified on...
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