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NewbornWrestling Raw 6-11-18

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Raw 6-11-18 (Promo) (Ronthereddragon in Office) Ron: Welcome to a Special Edition of Monday Night Raw. Ron: Tonight we will what i like to call Leathal Lottery itll be a series of Tag Team Matches and the winning Team will go on to Money In The Bank and fight for the Tag Team Titles of Their Chosing. Lets Bring On the Heat!!!!!! ----------------------------------------------------------- Match.1 Tag team match Youtubers (Pewdiepie & Keemstar) vs The Hollys (Hardcore Holly & Crash Holly) Match.2 "Lethal Lottery" tag team match Royal Alliance (Akira Tozawa & Jack Gallagher) vs Out Of This World (Mascarita Sagrada &...
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